Cleaning Granite & Marble Surfaces

Cleaning Natural Stone

Keeping your Stone Clean is EASY with Quality Stone Care Products

Granite & Marble surfaces are beautiful and durable. But you do have to take care to use the best methods and products.

Granite and Marble should be maintained using pH neutral cleaners. Some people mistakenly think that plain water is good enough, but it is not. Nor will it kill bacteria. more

Our P24 Stone Soap is a concentrated pH neutral stone cleaner. Simply mix 1 oz. of per gallon of clean water, and you have a cleaning solution for counters, floors and more.

HMK P24 Stone Cleaner


HMK P-1 (P301) Daily Stone Cleaning Spray is a convenient pre-mixed solution for cleaning all natural stone surfaces. P-1 is an effective daily cleaner tackling grease, and food spills on granite and marble countertops.

P1 Pre Mixed Daily Stone Cleaner


      • Cleans, Polishes and Protects in one action
      • Suitable for use in food preparation areas
      • Perform on-site Inspections and Forensic Studies
      • Easy to use...just spray and wipe!
      • ON SALE NOW FOR $15.60 per half liter



clean granite with HMK P24 Stone Soap Save with this convenient Combo for $24.99


These quality products are formulated and manufactured in Germany. Since 1977, HMK Stone Care has been the world leading brand of stone care products.

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