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twenty one inch professional boar hair sealer application brush for applying stone sealers and impregnators to large areas. helps to apply a smooth and quality finish.

Professional Sealing Brush - 21" European Boar Hair Bristles

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HMK® Z951 Professional Sealing Brush
Made in Germany

This item is the 21" Brush for Sealing Large Areas

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The HMK® Z951 Sealing Brush is the perfect tool for the application of HMK® sealers, impregnators, and finishes on stone surfaces. The brush is easy to handle and come in this larger 21” (55 cm) size for lobbies, hallways, entry areas, and other large areas.

This professional brush helps provide a smooth finish to topical acrylic sealers, and greatly optimizes sealing large floors using impregnating sealers. 

This brush actually saves product by efficiently spreading sealers without excess waste. If you are sealing large areas (500 square feet or more) this is a great investment in a professional grade tool.

Manufactured in Europe using only the highest quality materials, the HMK® Brushes are made from 100% natural boar hair for extra durability. No synthetic fibers are used to obtain a soft textured brush, which guarantees countless even applications, and a thorough penetration of chemical finishes.

HMK® Brushes are mounted onto smooth hardwood blocks with a solid metal base. They come with a removable metal attachment to fit most industrial handles.

Cleaning is required with high quality mineral spirits.