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Chapin model number 1949 Industrial Garden and Chemical pump sprayer
Chapin 1949 Wide Mouth Garden Sprayer. Easy fill wide mouth opening to fill oils and chemicals.
Chapin International

Chapin 1949 Industrial Pump Sprayer for applying Stone Sealers

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Chapin's 1949 open head form sprayer is the best selling unit and is unmatched for quality. It's compatible for most professional concrete applications, and Sealers for Natural Stone. 

  • 3.5-gallon Tri-Poxy tank - triple protection against rust, corrosion, and damage from dents

  • 4-inch wide mouth opening for easy filling and cleaning

  • 48-inch reinforced hose with threaded fittings

  • Brass pump, wand, nozzle and shut-off with lock-on feature

  • Unique Tri-Lock seal feature that locks the pump cap tight

Perfect Tool for Sealing Large Areas!

Save Time and Save on Sealer Products by getting a fine mist spray that applies even coverage of Stone Sealers and Impregnators. This Chapin 1949 is a Classic Professional Tool used by Contractors for Decades!