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Cleaning and Sealing Brick Pavers and Floors

Brick Flooring Care, Protection, and Cleaning 



Brick is one of the Oldest Flooring Materials

Cay tiles and brick have been used for flooring for thousands of years. Thin Brick tiles can add Old World charm to your home, but require special care to preserve the beauty for years. You can purchase glazed brick or unglazed  brick tiles. Unglazed brick is relatively inexpensive  but you MUST use the proper sealer, wax, or oil to enhance and preserve the rich beauty of Thin Brick floors.


Unglazed Thin Brick (and full brick) Tile & Pavers

All brick tiles start out as 'Unglazed' raw clay. Some types are 'Sun-Dried', like Saltillo Clay tiles from Mexico, while other types may be 'Kiln-Dried'. This process dries out the brick and hardens the surface. When raw and unglazed, these tile are as absorbent as a sponge and need some form of protection. Using one of the following methods will help bring out the rich color tones enhancing the appeal, while also making it easier to clean and maintain your brick floors.

Methods to Protect Unglazed Thin Brick Tile

Brick & Clay

Sealers are usually 'Topical' products that lay on the surface of the tile, enhancing the colors and providing protection agains spills. Topical sealers are not as durable as Impregnators because they are susceptible to scratches from pets, furniture, and foot traffic.            

Topical sealers generally require more maintenance.

HMK Stone Care Topical Acrylic Sealers for Brick and Clay Pavers              

We offer Topical Acrylic Sealers in Matte Finish, Satin, and High Gloss.

It is best to Pre-Treat unglazed Brick with a Pre-Seal product to reduce the absorption of Sealers. 



Impregnating Sealers for Brick and Clay Tile

Impregnators are 'Penetrating Sealers' that absorb deep into the clay, both enhancing color and adding Stain Protection. Because the protection lies below the surface, impregnators are not subject to the wear and abuses that Topicals must deal with. Impregnators are also more durable than topical acrylics because our impregnators are Naptha based and do not break down as easily as acrylics.

We offer several different impregnating sealers for brick flooring 

   1. First is Clear-Invisible protection that will not enhance the color.

   2. We also offer Color Enhancer impregnator.

   3. For extra stain protection a Extra Protection Color Enhancer .


Maintaining Brick Floors

For regular maintenance, we offer a specialized Maintenance Cleaner that reduces the penetration of water and dirt, and protects your floor and applied sealers.


Deep Cleaning of Brick and Clay Flooring and Pavers

We offer one of the best Deep Cleaning products for Clay, Brick, and Natural Stone surfaces. Developed and manufactured in Germany, HMK R155 Intensive Cleaner is an excellent product for Heavy Duty Cleaning of Brick and Clay pavers and floors. 

If you have questions about protecting and maintaining Brick and Clay surfaces,
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