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Sealing Cement Encaustic Tiles


What are your options for Sealing Cement Tiles?

It is very important to follow the tile manufacturers recommendations for sealers!

Most encaustic cement tile manufacturers have recommendations for specific sealers that work with their cement and pigment colors. Some manufacturers suggest using Water-Based sealers, while others recommend using Solvent-Based sealers. We offer the following options:

Water-Base Impregnating Sealer

HMK S232 Water Based Impregnator

   This water based Impregnating Sealer penetrates the pores of the cement to act as both a sealer, and also as a Grout-Release in preparation for grouting the tiles. Follow the tile manufacturers instructions, but if suggested that the tiles be sealed before grouting, then HMK S232 Impregnator is an excellent choice. After tiles are set in mortar, it is important to carefully clean the cement tiles prior to sealing and grouting. We suggest carefully cleaning cement tiles using HMK R155 Intensive Cleaner.


Solvent-Base Impregnating Sealer

HMK S234 Silicone Impregnating Sealer

This solvent based Impregnating Sealer penetrates deeper into the pores of cement because the carrier molecules are smaller than water molecules, drawing the protectants deeper into the cement. Solvent based impregnators last longer than water base impregnators, reducing the need to re-seal. Because encaustic cement tiles are incredibly porous, they require professional grade sealers to provide adequate protection against grout staining and food/traffic stains.


S235 Matte Finish Topical Acrylic Sealer

Sometimes you want even more protection for your cement tiles. This topical acrylic matte-finish sealer provides a professional grade hard surface over the top of cement tiles. Keep in mind that any topical sealer will require more on-going maintenance depending on the amount of foot traffic, dogs, children, and sliding furniture. Topical acrylic sealers lay on top of the surface rather than penetrating the cement tile pores. This is often a great option to provide extra protection to your beautiful cement tile application.


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