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HMK R154 Stripper and Stain Remover for stone 1-Liter Unit
Moeller HMK Stone Care Germany

HMK R154 Stripper & Stain Remover 1-Liter

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HMK® R154
Stripper & Stain Remover


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Strips heavy wax coats, sealers, impregnators, paint, oil, grease, etc. For use on all natural and artificial stones, ceramic and porcelain tiled surfaces. For interior and exterior use.

HMK® R154 is a ready to use solvent based stripper for removing old impregnators, sealers, wax treatments, paint, film built up from regular cleaning products, grease, oils and varnish from all natural and artificial stone surfaces, ceramic and porcelain tiled surfaces as well as terracotta and brick/ block paving. HMK® R180 loosens dried on dirt and coatings from surfaces, allowing for easy and effective removal. For interior and exterior use.

Instructions: Protect adjacent surfaces. If under floor heating exists, switch it off and allow the surface to cool to room temperature. Apply a generous coat of HMK® R154 undiluted onto the dry surface using a stiff brush, scrubbing brush or suitable pad and leave to view. Do not allow to dry. After 5 to 15 minutes, scrub the area again vigorously. Afterwards, clean the area thoroughly with HMK® R155 Intensive Cleaner -acid free- diluted about 1:10 with clean water. Remove the dirty liquid and rinse the area again with clean water. If patches remain untreated after drying, repeat the treatment as necessary.

Note: Some coatings require several applications or may not allow for chemical stripping.

Important: Do not apply in direct sunlight. Do not apply on rubber, plastic, lacquered surfaces and solvent intolerant materials. If these areas are splashed, remove splashes and rinse thoroughly with clean water. When using a wet vacuum with R155, we recommend that you add HMK® Z702 defoamer to the water to regulate the amount of foam.

Coverage: About 50 to 110 square feet per liter

Warning: Chemical product. Contains naphtha, petroleum product. Flammable. Keep away from heat and flame. Harmful or fatal if swallowed or inhaled. Ensure adequate ventilation during the application process. Avoid eye/skin contact and breathing vapor or mist. If exposed flush/wash with water and seek medical attention. Keep container closed and out of the reach of children. See Material Safety Data Sheet for more detailed information. Do not use the product in temperatures below 50 and above 80°F.