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DIY - How To Videos for Cleaning and Sealing Granite & Marble Surfaces

Welcome to our "How To" Video Series - DIY Stone Care


Introducing our StoneCareOnline Video Series



Complete "Stone Care" Comprehensive Video
Including the proper way to Seal Stone




Cleaning Slate Floor and Applying a Color-Enhancing Sealer  





How to Deep Clean Travertine & Marble Floors  





How to Protect your Granite & Marble Countertops 





Wine Spill on Granite...A Worst Nightmare? Not when using a Quality Impregnating Stone Sealer




Deep Cleaning Natural Slate Backsplash Tiles



How to Remove Oil Stains on Natural Slate Tile Backsplash




Color Enhancing Natural Slate Tile Backsplash




Dealing with Stain Emergencies on Marble, Granite and other Stone Surfaces