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3-pack of 1-Liter Bottles of HMK P324 Liquid Stone Soap Maintenance Concentrate
Moeller HMK Stone Care - Germany

HMK P324 Liquid Stone Maintenance Soap 3-Pack (3-Liters)

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HMK® P324 Three-Pack (3Liters)
Liquid Stone Soap – No Rinse

Special PH neutral protective cleaner for maintaining all types of natural and artificial stone and tiled surfaces. Concentrated. For interior use only.

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Concentrated liquid Maintenance Soap for all Natural Stone surfaces. Moeller HMK Stone Care P324 liquid stone soap. This 3-unit (3-Liters) pack is a convenient bulk pack. This pH neutral stone maintenance cleaner is highly concentrated. Diluted, one liter can maintain up to 8000 square feet of area. For countertop maintenance, we suggest pouring one capful of P324 into a 16 oz. spray bottle filled with water. Simply spray your stone (marble, granite, quartz, travertine) counters, and wipe dry.

For cleaning natural stone floors (marble, granite, travertine, limestone, and brick) mix 1/4-1/2 cup of HMK® P324 per 2-1/2 gallons of clean warm water. Damp mop stone surface, frequently wringing out mop. Do not rinse.

Coverage: Up to 8000 square feet per liter diluted.

Warning: Chemical product. Keep out of the reach of children and safe from frost. Do not use the product

in temperatures below 50 and above 80°F.
Packaging: 12 x 1L bottles per box; 2 x 5L bottles per box
Storage: Store in a cool place. Do not allow to freeze.
Testing: Always test the product in an inconspicuous area to evaluate suitability, coverage and performance.

Limitation of liability: The liability of HMK® Moeller Stone Care, Elegance in Stone, LLC,  and/or ACI International for defective products and any claims for damages whatsoever is limited to the purchase price of the products. HMK® Moeller Stone Care and/or ACI International shall not be liable for any consequential damages. No other warranty or representation is made or implied.