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economy split microfiber wiping cloths 16" x 16"

Economy Split Microfiber Wiping Cloth for Stone 16"x16"

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This economy Split Microfiber Wiping Cloth is the perfect tool to maintain your natural stone countertops, floors, and shower walls. The split fibers create thousands of individual fibers to quickly wipe up liquids and spills.

Used for Daily Maintenance of Granite and Marble countertops, in conjunction with our Daily Stone Cleaners, simply spray your counters with either the Ready-to-Use P301 Daily Stone Cleaner, or our highly concentrated P324 Stone Soap. Simply spray your counters and wipe dry with these economy microfiber wiping cloths.

The professional grade cloths may be cleaned and reused. Wash on a warm wash cycle, but DO NOT use medium or high heat dryer settings, or the split fibers can melt and lose their effectiveness. Dry on low-heat delicate dryer settings.