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Cleaning Smoke from Brick and Natural Stone

If you have a wood burning fireplace, you certainly have experienced Smoke Residue above the firebox. This soot can be easily removed using our Intensive Cleaner!

cleaning smoke on brick or natural stone fireplace

Even a small amount of smoke and soot residue can detract from the beauty of your stone or brick fireplace.

We have a Simple Solution - HMK R155 Intensive Cleaner

Follow These Easy Steps:

  1. Mix a solution of 25% to 50% (depending on how severe the residue is) of R155 Intensive Cleaner with Warm Water in a Spray Bottle.
  2. Gently shake up solution in bottle and spray on effected area.
  4. Spray again 3-6 times each 5-Minutes.

mix r155 intensive cleaner in a 25% to 50% solution to clean smoke from brick or stone

    5. Scrub area with nylon bristle Scrub Brush for 1-Minute.

    6. Rinse area well with a Sponge or Rag using warm clean water.

rinse brick or stone with a sponge when cleaning

    7. Allow to dry and observe results. Repeat steps above if needed.

cleaning results removing smoke and soot from brick and stone fireplace

Cleaning Brick or Stone Fireplace is Easy with Professional Grade Products from HMK Stone Care and StoneCareOnline