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Professional Spray Bottle 16 oz w/ filter draw tube

Professional Spray Bottle 16 oz w/ filter draw tube

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Professional Grade Spray Bottle 16 ounce with suction filter on draw tube

Made in America


Use this handy trigger sprayer for mixing water with P324 Liquid Stone Soap.

Mix 1 capful of P324 and fill bottle with clean water for Daily Cleaning of all Natural Stone Surfaces.
The sprayer adjusts from fine mist to stream.
Industrial quality with durability and long life, this bottle features a leakproof nozzle that closes to seal completely.
For Deep Cleaning of Natural Stone surfaces, for soap scum and mineral buildup on shower walls, we suggest mixing our R155 Intensive Cleaner in a 50/50 solution.
For general cleaning, we suggest a 1:6 or 1:8 ratio.