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The Science of Soap And How It Kills The Coronavirus

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The science of soap – here’s how it kills the coronavirus

We are changing our recommendation for Daily Cleaning of Granite & Marble Countertops

For the past 30 or more years (before we started StoneCareOnline in 1999), we always recommended mixing HMK P324 Liquid Stone Soap with water in a Spray Bottle, then “Spray & Wipe”. Now as the COVID-19 Pandemic has ravaged the world, we have learned more about how viruses function, and what disables them.

Soap works better than alcohol

Numerous scientific studies like this one by the CDC show how washing your hands is better than alcohol for killing viruses. Another at CNN

See Science Friday Questions & Answers

Because of these recent findings, we at StoneCareOnline are changing our recommendations for Daily Cleaning of Natural Stone Countertops.

Mix 2-Capfuls of P324 with Water…

in a Spray Bottle…AND Spray Surface and let the soapy solution stay on your counters for 10-minutes before Wiping Dry.

Following these new recommendations will certainly give us all a better shot at dissolving the outer lipid coating of viruses to better clean our countertop surfaces. Here is a scientific explanation of why this works.

We want you to be safe and healthy, and regularly washing your hands and cleaning your countertop surfaces will help.


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